How can Morning Star (Salisbury) help someone who is rough sleeping or struggling with addiction?

We believe passionately, in a person-centred approach. Each person is unique. We choose to journey with people, we try not to ‘ fix them’ but to support what it is that they want to achieve.

Practical Support

Some of our support is practical (food, clothes, sleeping bags, tents, toiletries). We have also offered support for those moving into accommodation from supported housing and helped resource furnishings to make it ‘home’.


Some of our support involves advocacy for individuals, sometimes just being there alongside them helps. We will help access services and support where needed.

Support for those struggling with addiction

We offer a Life Recovery Course for those who struggle with addiction and want to be free, living life to the full. We offer a safe and confidential place to explore the deep-rooted causes of addiction and offer help and support for you to overcome them. We are a friendly support group offering hope, help and community. The course is run by Morning Star (Salisbury) and has run most recently in collaboration with St Paul’s Church in August 2022. The course is based on Christian principles but is open to anyone.  We are happy to work with those of faith or none.

Each week we will look at strategies and tools to break the habit cycle setting people on a pathway to freedom and recovery. We begin with a simple hot meal, followed by time together, in a relaxed and friendly setting. Group members commit to confidentiality in order to keep us all safe.  

The course includes group learning sessions, (teaching relevant topics and techniques) and individual support sessions available that help people to plan, set goals and move forward.  Please use our contact form if you’d like to be in touch. We try to keep in touch after the course with a Life Recovery weekly support group.


We are actively seeking to provide supported accommodation in Salisbury. Watch this space!